We are able to assist you in systems engineering - the translation of high level requirements into detailed requirements for implementation, defining tests to ensure that the detailed requirements have been met, verifying that the implementation meets the original intent, and using software tools to ensure that this is all properly documented.

SMALL PROJECT? Think this all sounds too complicated? Small projects typically have a small number of high level requirements leading to a correspondingly small number of detailed requirements, so the process doesn't end up being too onerous. However, it is still important to do the systems engineering - your small project implementation still needs to do what it was supposed to!

LARGE PROJECT? Think it is all too hard? Large projects inevitably have a larger number of detailed requirements but with the appropriate tools it all remains completely manageable. The important part is to start the systems engineering at the beginning, rather than trying to sort it all out when a whole load of hardware and software has been created in an ad-hoc manner.

Depending on the nature of the project, an Agile approach may be appropriate or the use of a modified V lifecycle with iteration ("Agile V").

We have experience of application lifecycle management tools such as 3SL Cradle, IBM Rational DOORS, and OSEE (The Open System Engineering Environment).