What's currently happening at sebtombs.com?

A fair bit of our time is spent maintaining our hosting infrastructure and administering systems for clients, but that's not very interesting to most so will get no further mention!

Significant activities at the moment are Ruby on Rails within Docker containers, setting up new services on AWS EC2, and ongoing research into on-demand computing using various other aspects of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are continuing to experiment with the Serverless environment and hope to be able to offer functionality based on this, and other Lambda-based developments, to customers soon.

As a side-shoot of some work for a customer, we are developing a Rock-on to enable the use of Borg Backup on the Rockstor storage appliance. This is open source and more information will appear regarding it in the knowledgebase soon.

We are able to offer a Borg repository at prices much less than S3 - please contact us for more details if you would like to use this facility.

There are number of other developments active which are likely to be of considerable use to customers but these are not yet mature enough to list here.