Web Hosting Standard Text


We strongly recommend that you register as a user on this site before purchasing services from us as there is relevant information, such as terms and conditions, which is only accessible to registered users.


Hosting support

At the present time, we do not have full-time staff dedicated to hosting, so we cannot ensure immediate 24/7 response. However, our personnel are based in the UK and Philippines so enquiries sent "in the middle of the night" UK time do not have to wait until the morning before we will respond.


The not-so-small print

The following applies to all our hosting packages:

We will back up your data as a matter of course but we strongly advise that you provide your own means for disaster recovery. Unless it is specifically included in your Hosting+ package, then we will only keep back up data for a limited period of time and it will not be possible to restore your site(s) if you have not noticed a problem within this period.

Unless you take a Hosting+ package where we agree to manage your web applications and ensure that they are kept up-to-date, then you are strongly advised to implement a strategy for checking that updates, particularly those related to security, are applied to your web applications and their extensions in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in loss of critical data, access to protected data, or blacklisting of e-mail from your domain if your site is exploited for spamming.

We are unable to assert fitness for any specific purpose and as such Sebastian Tombs Enterprises Ltd cannot be held liable for any form of consequential loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by use of our service, misuse of our service, downtime, service issues, data loss or any other event. In the event of any preventable disruption to service we will credit your account as described in our Package Agreement with you. Our liability will not exceed the total amount paid for the service. If you have sensitive or mission-critical data to host, you are strongly advised to seek your own insurance and independent legal advice.

The usual caveats of use of our service apply, and further details of these are to be found in our Terms & Conditions. You need to be registered on the site in order to access these.