NetBeans, BitBucket, and Git

This is work in progress!


There are many options available for Java development environments, repositories, and version control systems.

Our current choice is the combination of NetBeans, BitBucket, and Git. We are not suggesting that this is necessarily the best for everyone but, given that we need to provide this information to our own staff, it seems churlish not to share it in case you also want to use this combination.

Things needed before you start:

  • A BitBucket account - if you have one then you should have been told your user name and password
  • A BitBucket team - sebtombsdevelopers, or whatever you have created for another organisation
  • NetBeans - the latest version is available from
  • Git - this is automatically installed as part of Mageia


<giturl> -<team>/<project>.git

Working on an existing Project

In Git-speak, we don't "check out" from a repository, but we "clone" it. Hence, to be ready to start doing work on an existing project, we need to "clone" from the BitBucket repository to a local work-space.

Use the Team menu to clone the repository:

Press "Next" and select the branch that you want to clone:

Press "Next" and confirm where you want it to go:

You will then be asked whether you want to create an IDE from the cloned sources:

You do, so press "Create Project...".

Press "Next".