Bespoke Software

  • Got an idea but don't know how to implement it?
  • Need to add a feature to a process but no-one provides what you need?
  • Does an open-source program do almost what you need?
  • Need a web site designing?

We can help!

With experience in several content management systems and many programming languages, and the capability to use systems engineering tools to manage requirements capture and design as required, we can provide bespoke software solutions from a simple "tweak" of an open-source package to a complete custom design and implementation of your great idea.

Depending on project complexity, we can provide the development in staged packages to allow you to ensure that things are going the way you want them to without committing to large expenditure up-front.

As usual with Sebastian Tombs Enterprises, the pricing model is "curve" based - after we have together reached agreement on what the work will be, you suggest how much you are willing to pay, and we will let you know whether we are happy with the proposal. Unless you need to change the requirements whilst the project is ongoing then the fee agreed is fixed - we don't charge an hourly rate to cover ourselves if it takes longer than we thought. There's no problem if you do need to change the requirements while we are already working on the implementation - we know that requirements sometimes have to evolve; but we would then advise the additional cost of the proposed change at that time.

Bespoke software is delivered in the appropriate executable form for the language in use, and this executable is then the client's for life, but the source code remains the property of Sebastian Tombs Enterprises Ltd unless specifically otherwise stated in the project agreement.

Web Site Design

Our web site design is meticulously put together to suit your preference and needs. You will be in control. We will help you every step of the way to ensure that your website is up and running.

We are here to guide you and give you an unbiased advised how to make your website visible to the wider audience, fast, secure, responsive, and user friendly.

Web design is carried out either directly in HTML (with associated scripting), statically using Zola or Hugo, or the Bolt content management system. We maintain existing sites deployed using Concrete5, MODX, or Joomla!, content management systems.

Please note that we do not support WordPress.

For more details, please open a support ticket.