Who are Sebastian Tombs Enterprises?

Our purpose is to serve Jesus Christ, provide for our families, and generate high quality software for our customers.

Geographically, we are located in the UK and in the Philippines.

What do we do?

We provide bespoke software, bespoke systems analysis, web-hosting, and web site design.

In terms of languages, we have experience in BASIC (various forms), C, Java, HTML, LabVIEW, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, various shell scripting languages, SQL (several dialects), etc.

Broader analysis, when required, is carried out using a modified V lifecycle with iteration ("Agile V"). We have experience of application lifecycle management tools such as 3SL Cradle, IBM Rational DOORS, and OSEE.

We have experience with the deployment of the open source thin client solution openthinclient®.

Web-hosting is via a cloud hosting mechanism in order to give very high availability and performance. Our web-hosting is based in the UK, so is best suited to customers that are relatively close to the UK geographically. However, we are able to offer external compute resources for customers worldwide via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Web design is carried out either directly in HTML (with associated scripting), using Hugo, or with one of the Bolt, Concrete5, MODX, or Joomla!, content management systems, as appropriate for the use case.

Pricing Model

Our pricing is based on Nicholas Lovell's premise from "The Curve". Whilst there are some things he says in the book which we do not agree with, we are convinced that the "freeloader", "fan", "superfan" model is the reality of where business is headed, and that this is not a bad thing.

The advice provided on our site via the knowledgebase is free, and basic web-hosting is at cost. However, if you like what we do and want it to continue and grow, we need to receive enough funding to enable the work to support our families. This is why there are no fixed fees given for more advanced hosting and custom packages.

Who is "Sebastian Tombs"?

The Sebastian Tombs in our name is not a real person. One of our founding engineers has for a long time used Sebastian Tombs (sebtombs) as his forum alias and this is where the name came from. It's a joke, provided that you share his strange sense of humour! Sebastian Tombs was one of the aliases of the fictional hero "The Saint" in Leslie Charteris's books and we believe that the Bible describes all those who believe in the Lord as "saints".


Sebastian Tombs Enterprises Ltd is a company limited by shares registered in England & Wales with the company number 8875024.

Our registered address is 92 New Road, Armitage, RUGELEY, Staffordshire, WS15 4BJ, UK. However, please do not use this address for routine correspondence but instead use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..